Everyone loves to be rewarded right? Introducing my Preferred Rewards for Cardmakers and Scrapbookers!

How does it work? It's simple, when you attend a workshop in my studio, subscribe to my card kit club, or make a purchase from my shop, you get a punch. After 5 punches, you get rewarded!

There's no fee to sign up. When you make your first purchase or booking, your punch card starts.

There's no annual fee to remain a member. I don't believe in charging a fee to take part in rewards programs** and I personally refuse to pay for them! For me, your bookings and purchases are enough requirements for you to be rewarded. You can fill up your card as fast or as spaced out as you like.

For scrapbookers, after you attend 5 scrapbooking sessions, the 6th is free* (up to $20).

For cardmakers, when you attend 5 sessions (or subscribe to my Card Kit Club for 5 months), the 6th one is free* (up to $20).

My rewards aren't just for those that book sessions. My rewards is also for those that purchase from me! When you make a purchase from my studio or shop online, get a punch for every $30 spent. Spend $150 and get a free gift*!

Preferred Cardmakers and Scrapbookers will also receive an one extra punch in their birthday month, early access to workshop schedules, Card Kit Club subscription discounts, bonus gift at Craft Retreat, and other exciting rewards.

It's easy to be rewarded with me. Join my preferred rewards today! Simply contact me and say "I want to be rewarded"!

Stay up to date with all the fun, join my community!

*Fine print:
-This rewards program is offered and run solely by Creating with Kara Davies.
-One additional punch issued when you make your first session booking or purchase. (You get one initial welcome punch AND one session/purchase punch.)
-One punch issued for each scrapbooking session booked. After 5 scrapbook punches, the 6th session is free (up to $20). If your chosen session is over $20, you pay the difference.
-One punch issued for each cardmaking session booked or Card Kit Club subscription purchased. After 5 cardmaking punches, your 6th card buffet or
Card Kit Club subscription is free.
-One punch issued for every $30 spent on products in my studio or my shop online. After you've spent $150, you'll receive a free gift. Only purchases made from my studio (red dots) or made via my website count for punches.
-If you are local to my studio, you'll be able to select your gift in person. If you are not local to my studio, your gift options will be emailed to you. Upon choosing one, it will be posted to you.
-One additional punch issued after you've made a booking OR subscription OR a purchase in your birthday month.
-Bonus gift to be waiting at your table when you've booked your spot for Craft Retreat.
-Advance notice of upcoming workshop schedule emailed to all Preferred Rewards members roughly one week prior to the rest of my customer list. Preferred Rewards members can book their spots immediately upon receipt of that email.
-When punch card is completely full, and all freebies have been redeemed, you will be issued with another punch card.

**Please note: VIP Rewards is a paid membership rewards program offered and run solely by Close to my HeartⓇ. Any Preferred Rewards member that chooses to sign up for VIP Customer does so with the full understanding that their Preferred Rewards membership AND any gifts/free sessions earnt will be made null and void.

Please choose carefully which rewards program suits you best.