Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Scrapbooking Process - Part 2

Welcome to my new blog series! I'm a scrapbooker and I've never really shared my method or process for how I create pages to fill my albums.
In my previous post, I explained how I set up my digital template for scrapbooking.

Today I'll share how I actually use my template for sorting out my images!
With my template all set up and ready to go, now it's time to fill in the blanks.

I download all images off my phone periodically to my computer. At the end of the month (usually) I go into my template and click add photos. I add ALL the photos from the month and then drag & drop into my template as I see fit. I leave space for journaling boxes and filler cards and shuffle around until it looks right.
Once the photos for the month are sorted into my template, then it is time to actually resize my photos. I save my filled template pages as jpgs, open up a new digital 4x6 project and add my monthly photos to it.
I shrink my filled templates to a smaller window, and my 4x6 project too until they're both side by side. From there it's pretty simple. I resize, rotate, and edit my monthly photos as shown in my larger template to fit on 4x6s. I find it's much cheaper to do my 3x4s on 4x6 at home rather than at my photo developer (I am NOT paying extra for "collage prints"!). This editing can take a while and I usually do it in fits and spurts over a couple days.
Here you can see my template on the right, and my 4x6 project on the left. I've added two 3x4 photo wells to one 4x6 page then added my photos. I keep going with my rotating, editing, and resizing until the images for the month are done.

Once my 4x6ing is done, I save them all to a USB and head to my local Harvey Norman. I plonk my butt down at one of the terminals, check each image I upload, and get them all printed at once. I like Harvey Norman's prints as they are the only place around that still develops photos (printing digital images like film prints). Other places near me print photos with ink on paper and I don't like the look or feel of these ink prints. I'll stick with Harvey Norman's developed prints! I've spent all this time collecting my images, sorting, editing, and resizing them, I don't want to get cheap ink prints that won't stand the test of time in my albums! If you like the look and feel of ink prints, by all means use them. I've tried other places and they just don't compare to the quality of Harvey Norman. Please note: I do not use online photo printing services. I've tried that and the quality isn't up to my standards. I make the time to go in person and print. My photo boy Matt is great and rarely do I have issues after my images are printed. If there is an issue, he's quick to reprint for me on the spot!

Now that my photos are printed, come back and see how I actually scrapbook with my template!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

My Scrapbooking Process - Part 1

Welcome to my new blog series! I'm a scrapbooker and I've never really shared my method or process for how I create pages to fill my albums.

I'm a bit picky about how I scrapbook. Before CTMH, I used to buy papers and embellishments then print off a stack of 4x6 photos and freehand it like mad. That ended up with lots of leftover paper scraps, unused stickers, extra photos and reprints as some photos just didn't work out at that size. If you're like me, that's wasted money and effort that could be used creating more pages! After CTMH, I've refined my method and process. This may seem a bit retentive to some, it works for me.

I'm a hybrid scrapper. That means that I do traditional scrapbook pages (think paper, stickers, photos etc) and pocket pages. For me, this is the best of both worlds. I get to do my speedy pocket pages and spend extra time on traditional layouts for special photos. It works for me and actually helps me scrap faster. For traditional layouts, I use the vast range of page ideas from our how to books. I like the inclusion of cutting guides and instructions that CTMH how to books provide. As you may have realized by now, I'm a consultant and I use their products exclusively.

As I scrap in two formats, and I don't like trying to wedge extra photos into completed pages, I have a photo planning tool. I use a digital scrapbooking program to plan, edit, and resize my photos BEFORE scrapping them. The program I use is Storybook and once it's no longer working for me, I'll upgrade to Artisan 5. I use 3 page protector designs when I'm pocket scrapbooking (design 4, design 3, design 5 in that order). These page protectors (and more designs) are available in packs of 10 from my shop, or in a variety pack.

To make my planning template, I created a new 12x12 digital project and called it 2016 PML (the current year I'm working on). I went to my website, found the 3 page protector designs I use, copied the images, and added one to my first page.
Design 4
I duplicated and flipped the image so I can see both sides before adding in photo wells.
I repeated this for each of the three page designs and saved my page.
Top to bottom, design 4, design 3, design 5
I duplicated this finished template page several times. Now I have several pages to use for my album planning!

If you use a different style or brand of pocket scrapbooking, or if you use something like photoshop, this method will work for you too. Simply find the picture of the page designs you use, add it to a blank digital page, copy and flip the design, and add blank photo spots. Rinse lather repeat. Please note, the page designs featured here are © CTMH!

Now that my digital planning template is all set up, come back and see how I actually USE my template for scrapbooking!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Surprise, it's a flash sale of all things sweet!

Pop over to my shop and snap up some of these sweet bundles!
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Hello Lovely Blog Hop

Welcome to the Hello Lovely blog hop!
If you landed here from Vandra’s Virtual CTMH Craftroom no worries, you're in the right place. If you landed here from somewhere else, welcome! Read on and follow the hop for heaps of inspiration!

This month's featured paper collection is Hello Lovely. It's a beautiful mix of florals, soft patterns, and an overall lovely "art deco" feel.
I recently had a long weekend away at Scrapbook Camp where my goal was to restock my card buffet with new kits. I had a pile of gold glitter hearts to use and I was determined to use them all! I did 8 new card designs over the weekend with 5 of them using Hello Lovely. These are a few of the card kits I came up with!

I added some gold glitter paper and a retired stamp to create this birthday card.

This love you card can be use for a bunch of different occasions. Birthdays, Valentine's Day, just because, or to cheer someone up on a downer of a day. A bit of doubled thin cuts and embossing lifts this design from meh to WOW. You might be wondering where the Hello Lovely paper is on this card. It's the subtle gray paper under the love thin cuts! You could also use a bolder pattern in place of the embossed heart strip.

I combined old and new stampsets to create this card. The bubbles are colored in with the clear shimmer brush. I can't wait to see the faces of people as they make this. It's stunning!

The last card I have is this simple friendship card. It came together pretty quickly!

To make these projects, you'll need the following materials. Click through the links to purchase or contact your consultant. Products used: Hello Lovely Paper PacketHello Lovely Coordinating Cardstock White Daisy and Chocolate Cardstocks, Gold Glitter Paper, Gold Glitter Gems, Clear Sparkles, White Card Value Pack, My Acrylix® Block Starter Kit, Black Slate Chocolate Sorbet Fern and Sea Glass Exclusive Inks™, Heart Thin CutsHello Lovely Cardmaking Thin Cuts Bundle, Shimmer Brush, Hearts Embossing Folder, Dreamin' Big—Cardmaking Stampset, Make It from Your Heart™ Volume 1 and 2, Trimmer, Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors, Versamat™, Bone Folder, Spritz, Scrubber, 3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive.

I'd love it if you'd leave a comment before hopping along to the fabulous Nell Ward! Share the love and pin my projects!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hostess Rewards

I closed out my recent online party today. That means that I had all my outside orders submitted and I could see how much hostess rewards I had earned. Check it out!

This is the Hostess Rewards chart. It shows how much my party sales need to be to reach the rewards level I wanted. My party reached Level 3 rewards with over $400 in sales.
That entitles me to $70 worth of free products, and one 50% off item. It also means that I have access to exclusive hostess items to choose as my 50% off item. I made a wishlist and tweaked it to be exactly $70 worth. I chose 6 different stampsets and a pack of cardstock.
Now I had to choose my 50% off item. I decided on the Workspace Wonder Hostess Bundle. The items in this bundle can be purchased together for $178, BUT as a qualifying hostess I can get this bundle for $89!

For those playing along, that's a HUGE amount of products at a killer price. $70 in free products + $178 in organizational pieces = $248 in retail value for only $89 (plus $9.50 shipping)! WOW! That's a great bargain just for being a hostess!

You too can get these incredible rewards just by being a hostess. Check out the different rewards levels here and contact me to book your party date! My calendar is filling fast, first in best dressed!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sweet Sugar Rush

Hello February! Valentine's Day is coming up and that means a Sugar Rush.

Satisfy your crafting sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
Sugar Rush is my featured paper collection for February. Come along and create a pile of gorgeous sweet sugary paper goodies in my all day workshop! You must contact me TODAY to secure your spot as full payment is past due.
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I love to party and spoil my hostesses.
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