Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy mail

A friend from home sent me this cute little seal card for Valentine's Day last year. I had it pinned to my wall and then thought of this page in my crush book. Perfect! The envelope is still fully functional so you can flip up and remove the card. The other card is from my director Susan in Sydney. I won a contest in our business group on facebook and this was my prize!
My latest page. I'm cutting out and putting in a picture of my prize under the celebrate card.
The announcement on our group. I won!
My prize! A barn red exclusive inks pad and a set of harvest baker's twine! Yay!
I'm really loving My Crush book. I'm tempted to get another one and fill it with things that are my happy. And with stamps from the You Are My Happy trio that's on special this month.

What's your happy?

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