Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm a bit of a messy scrapper. I like to have EVERYTHING out on the table as I work so I can see and grab things as the moment dictates. I'm sure it must bug my husband as our dining table disappears regularly! When I have to clear off and pack away, I love the organization goodies from Close To My Heart.

I was flipping through the Annual Inspirations Book this afternoon and fleshing out my workshop ideas. I got to the Snowhaven Cardmaking Kit page and realized that I didn't think I had all the ink colors necessary. I hopped off my computer, went to my dining table, grabbed my inks and my checklist, and marked off what I had. Now I know that I need to order cranberry instead of a ruby ink. :)
I made up this color chart months ago as an easy visual way to keep track of what I had with inks and cardstock packs. I printed it off as an 8x10 photo and marked off with a sharpie as my ink collection grows.
Pretty easy eh? If you'd like a copy of my color chart, let me know and I'll send one out to you after your first order.
I keep my inks in these towers available in my shop. I have them sorted in ROYGBIV order. As a bonus, the mini stamps also fit in the tower if you've run out of places to put them!
For my blocks, I use the small organizer and My Acrylix™ Blocks Foam Insert. It keeps my blocks easily organized and protected between uses and while in transit. I highly recommend them! It also makes it very easy for me to see which blocks I don't have. I nearly forgot to order one block size!
I store my embellishments, stamp scrubber and spritz, various Picture My Life cards, and extra trimmer blades in a medium organizer. I've got my eye on a large organizer for all my stamps. What's really nice about the organizer boxes is they all stack very nicely and save space on my table.

If you've been um-ing and ah-ing over an easy way to dip your toe into Close to my Heart's range of items, I suggest starting with an ink or two, a block or two, and the small organizer. It's sturdy, lightweight, and easily portable.


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