Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Support Local Artists

Yes, I own and operate my own small business. It's called Creating with Kara Davies.

Yes, I have goods to sell.
Pop over and snag a lovely handmade card or card set or gift tag set or a bespoke necklace. I do this because I love it, I also do it to make money, make new friends, and assist others with unleashing their creativity. I have expenses and bills to pay just like everyone else.

Yes, I support other small business owners.  We all try to eke out a living for our families.

Do us a favor, support local artisans and purchase their wares this Christmas shopping season. Don't pass by a marketstall or booth. Make it a point to stop, look through the items on offer, and make a purchase. 

Your purchase may just mean the difference between the artisan being able to pay their mortgage that month or not. It may mean that they can afford to pay off all their utilities bills and start the next month with a clean slate. It may mean that they can afford groceries for the week.
It does make a difference!


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