Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I'm quite rattled.

I was sitting on a post waiting for my bus to work, checking the bus schedule on my phone when it was stolen right from my hands by an Aboriginal girl and a boy. Teenagers. She ripped it from my hands and ran off down the street, around the corner and jumped into a car laughing like it was nothing. Bitch. How rude! I screamed after her "YOU STOLE MY PHONE! GIVE IT BACK! POLICE! SHE STOLE MY PHONE! POLICE! SHE STOLE MY PHONE!" The barber shop behind my bus stop opened and several big burly tattooed Islander guys emerged. They saw the entire thing. Two of them jumped in their car and drove off in the direction the thief ran. They looked twice and couldn't find my phone. It's gone.

My passwords are changed, I've alerted my cell carrier to the theft and I'm filing a police report this afternoon once I've finished work.


Anyone getting calls or messages from my number, disregard them. They're not from me. I'll be getting a new phone and number this afternoon at the earliest. Email me if you want my new one.


  1. Oh Noooo Kara I'm so sorry to read this:( There are some terrible people in this world and I'm so sad it happened to you. The only thing is when something bad happens to me I try and think what could be worse, thankfully you weren't beaten and your handbag wasn't stolen as well. ((hugs)).

    1. I would have tried chasing her down but she had an accomplice (a guy) with her. I wasn't going to try and take down two people!


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