Monday, August 19, 2013

When you give, you receive

For most of you, you'll know that I have two adorable bubbies waiting up in Heaven. I go to a fabulous support group of like minded mummies in Mt Gravatt, SIDS and Kids QLD. A couple weeks ago, I mailed out a card to Robyna (one of my mummy friends) who was going through a rough period with her son's first anniversary. I like getting cards around my babies special dates so I figured she would too.

On Friday, she blessed me and returned the favor with this stunner! Thank you so much Robyna! She even added both my babies names in the design! :o :D

I got my first order last week and promptly made a happy birthday card for my favorite barista Alex at The Coffee Club Logan Mega Centre. I dropped it off yesterday before he got in, and stopped by to visit after work to double check he got it. I got a big hug and kiss and "Thank you! Did you make that?!" from him. :D I like to remember birthdays and decided I would make one for him too. I think it made his day!

Join me in the fun and spread the happy! :)

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  1. That's lovely Kara! And I am so sad to hear about your bubs. :-( Am so glad you have a good support group.


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