Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy bee

I've been a bit busy lately. 5 days straight with my day job, a full on training day with my CTMH Sister Consultants, another day at my day job, and a full on cropping day at my Upline's house yesterday. 8 days straight between two full on jobs means I'm a bit cranky. My poor hubby got the full on wrath of cranky wifey last night as he tried (rather unsuccessfully) for the 2nd time to teach me the game Dominion. Sorry honey! Don't like the game, I don't get it, too many options of moves are too confusing for me to keep up with. Give me my scrapping any day!

If you aren't on instagram or twitter, I share quick snippets of projects and items I'm working on as I'm working on them. Here's a few you may not have seen yet.

You can find me on instagram: @mamajillaroo and on twitter: @karadavies. I use the hashtag #CreatingwithKaraDavies on both platforms. Have a look!

Saturday was a full on training day with Chris Lothian at Springwood Bowls Club. I was told we'd have limited table space so to bring limited supplies. I was able to fit everything between my Tom Bihn Large Swift and Large Shop Bags! I absolutely love my Tom Bihn bags and was very surprised that everything I brought fit. I used the Swift (top bag) as my purse and inside was my wallet, my zippered organizer (calendar, notepads, product launch guide, pens), my lunch bag and my water bottle. The shop bag (bottom) held my ArtBin box (I won it in a raffle from an expo years ago) full of WOTG kits, cardstocks, My Acrlyix blocks, scissors etc. I had my stamp sets and pens in other containers tucked neatly inside. The bags were a bit heavy but easily manageable from car to venue and back.
My two orders of Christmas supplies are on their way. I had some light reading to find ideas and inspiration for my Christmas Card Workshop. These books are fabulous!
Monday brought a cardmaking day at my Upline's house. I was making cards using the formula Chris Lothian handed out on Saturday just to see what I could come up with. I was pretty pleased with the results! This is the zip strip from the For Always WOTG kit, a 2x2 My Acrylix block, the rose stamp from For Always WOTG stamp set (which you CAN NOT BUY separately!), Barn Red exclusive dye based ink. These papers are gorgeous! I will be stocking up on these to add to my projects.
This is one of the four resulting cards I made on the day. It's 4x6 in size. The silver shimmer cardstock base is old now irreplaceable cm stock that I bought up big before they went bust. I'm now using it freely in my cardmaking! Onwards and upwards!
You can see some of my partners in crime in the background working away on their own projects.
Here is the inside, nice and simple.
This sweet little card is made using the rock&roll stamping method Chris taught us. I wasn't happy with this result until I snipped it out and stuck down with some foam tape. Perfect! I'll be teaching this card in a future workshop. Hands up if you want to make it?
After I'd packed up my supplies, I had one of my Sister Consultants take some pictures of me after I had fun #gettinginky!
I had so much fun tweaking and making these cards with my Sister Consultants. Now I've got a few good samples that I know I can duplicate with relative ease and teach in a workshop.

I know it's only October 1st and Christmas is right around the corner. Who would be interested in making a pile of Valentines Day cards using this set of papers? Imagine having a stock pile of cards ready made (with envelopes!) to give and send for next year? Would a monthly cardmaking party featuring different designs/themes/holidays/occasions that resulted in a set number of cards each month be something you're interested in joining? Which designs/themes/holidays/occasions do you typically send cards for in a year? Which would you like to make instead of buying from the shops?

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