Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Christmas Card Workshops

I'm just about to leave the house to get my supplies from the post office and thought I'd send out a reminder about my Christmas Card Workshops.

I've added a second date for those that can't do early November. Please please please let me know ASAP that you're coming so I can give you my payment details. Spots must be FULLY paid by the cut off date. This is to ensure I have enough lead time for supplies to be shipped, and for catering.

Just a few housekeeping details:
-This is ideal for mums and daughters to have an afternoon out. 
-These events are NOT suitable for small children as my home is NOT BABYPROOF.
-Ideal ages if you wish to bring your child is 12 years and up as there will be sharp cutting tools in use.
-Or, get a sitter, leave the kids with hubby and have an afternoon out on your own! ;)

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