Friday, January 3, 2014

30 day photo challenge

Happy January everyone!

Today was the first crop of 2014 at mum's house. I did a few pages in my consultant album. Gotta keep it up to date!

During our conversation about the new ideas book, Mum pulled out her 2009 album and opened to her 30 day challenge section. With the new Picture My Life (PML) range coming out next month, I figured I'd follow her prompts. I'll take one picture each day that I feel best fits the prompt -maybe two or three, or more if the need arises!- and use the new memory protectors, albums, and PML card kits to scrapbook my challenge.

Wanna join me? You don't have to use the new PML kits. CTMH's range of traditional pages and digital StudioJ pages are welcome too. I'll be posting my daily snaps on Instagram using #30daychallengeCWKD

The challenge prompts I'm using are:

1 our front door
2 pantry inside & out
3 fridge
4 favorite meal
5 favorite drink
6 grocery shopping
7 bagging rolls
8 something messy
9 daily routines
10 microwave
11 dinner
12 washing up
13 bedtime reading
14 our bedroom
15 our bathroom (en suite)
16 laundry
17 family dinner
18 ironing (I don't iron so I'm doing something else)
19 junk mail
20 shoes
21 favorite tv show
22 family room
23 stereo
24 collections
25 nasty (bills)
26 mailbox
27 work area
28 back gate & entry
29 garden ("back yard")
30 our home

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