Sunday, November 23, 2014

This Week

Welcome to a loaded week in my family.

6 years ago this weekend, we got the news no parent ever wants to hear: no heartbeat. Monday the 24th is our daughter's 6th birthday (she died in utero around 14 weeks, she was born at 17 weeks old).

Thursday the 27th is Thanksgiving and dinner is here at my table. Always a doozy to have our Julia's birthday and days later be thankful for everything. *Always* a doozy.

Friday is when Christmas preparations really kick in.

Monday is a sacred day in our house, therefore I'll not be responding to any business related calls, texts, emails, or chats. Thank you for understanding. The lead up to my babies birthdays is always worse than their actual days.

Yes, I said babies. June 18, 2010 our son was born, and quite violently. He had to be revived and sadly didn't perk up in time. He died four days later. Julia's lil brother Evan was our rainbow baby and we had such hopes that he'd come home with us. He never did.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and it's a rough one. Very hard to be thankful when half of our family is on the other side of eternity.


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