Friday, October 23, 2015

Make It From Your Heart - Recap: Thursday

Ah, the wonder of a good night's sleep in your own bed. Much better!

Here we go, a recap of the incredible weekend known as Convention 2015! :D

Thursday, my upline picked me up and we drove to a sister consultant's house. We offloaded into her car and were chauffer driven by her husband (thanks F!) to our hotel in the city. Yes, we live in the greater Brisbane area. Yes, we could have stayed home each night. No, we didn't want to bother with that so we chose to stay in for the weekend. The Mantra was lovely! With under 5 minutes from our hotel room door to the Plaza Ballroom inside BCEC, it was well worth the extra cost to stay in the city.
We met up with our 4th sister consultant in the lobby and checked in. Our rooms were down the hall from each other. My room over looked the city and the Queensland Conservatory in particular.

After settling in, we headed to find our group check in area. We registered and got our delegate packs before finding the Olio Cafe onsite.
This year, lots of consultants were heading to convention on their own and didn't know many people. As we often refer to ourselves as a family, or a sisterhood, a plan was devised and we had several ladies designated as Ohana Leaders. Ohana was picked as the name for our catch up sessions at the Olio Cafe. No one wants to go to convention on their own and not have a convention buddy to pair up with! Everyone needs buddies, and Ohana was for people to meet their convention buddies. If you're familiar with the movie Lilo&Stitch, you know that "Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten". We got stickers to add to our badges to show we were in the Ohana group and open to meeting new people during breaks. It was comforting knowing that if I felt like meeting someone new, all I had to do was look for an Ohana sticker and approach them for a conversation. :)

I found my convention buddy Gloria at Ohana and we headed off to find some Starbucks. We've had many a late night chat on facebook discussing our businesses and helping eachother out with tough stuff. Gloria said she owed me a coffee so we took a walk from BCEC across the bridge to Starbucks.
We had a good chat about all and sundry while we enjoyed some caffeine and aircon.
It's sooo good to catch up with mates in person after a year of just facebook chats! We headed back to BCEC and met more convention buddies at Ohana. I left to go find my team at our hotel. Half of them were in the hotel spa, the other had just gotten dressed for dinner.
A quick shower and change of clothes later, and we all met to find something for dinner. If you've been around me for any length of time, you know that I'm a rather picky (I prefer the term "selective"!) eater. I like what I like and that's pretty much it. We whittled down the choices and found that 2 of the 3 places were closed! Option #3 it was, Ginga. We had a very nice dinner of teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, and chicken yakisoba with shared bowls of rice. We also had a good long chat about our businesses and life in general.
My roommate wasn't feeling up to dessert so we sent her off to bed and then sought out dessert at Gelaré.
A large waffle cone with java chip and cookie dough please! I've got a long day ahead to prepare for and I want some sleep!

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