Friday, July 29, 2016


My website has had a bit of a makeover.

There's a new look, and a new name! My website ending has changed from to Please update your bookmarks to this new address!

From CTMH head office:
We're pleased to announce that on July 29 some exciting changes will be made to your website and the Close To My Heart website. These changes provide customers with an easy, intuitive online shopping experience.

Here are the big changes you will notice:

1. My website is now mobile-friendly.
This is a great change because it’s increasingly common for people to use their mobile devices to make online purchases. We want it to be as simple as possible for your customers to shop online.

2. You will be able to save items in you cart to purchase at a later time.
When customers sign in and add products to their carts, those items will be automatically saved for at least 30 days, giving customers the flexibility to close their sessions and return at a later time to finish shopping. (However, please note that if a saved item sells out or becomes unavailable before the order is placed, the item will be removed from their cart. Saving items to the cart does not guarantee their availability.)

3. Customers will be able to check out as guests.
Customers can now check out as a guest if they prefer, rather than being required to create an account and affiliate with a Consultant on their first visit. This is helpful for customers who are not familiar with the direct-sales model; they can check out as a guest and begin developing trust in our high-quality products. When they decide to create an account, they will be prompted to choose a Consultant in their area.

4. Customers will be able to add items to their carts from the Close To My Heart website.
We are using our website to help customers see products right away when they encounter a posting whether from us or from anyone else promoting Close To My Heart products. Once they’ve added the products in their cart, we then have them check out in a way that ensures a Consultant receives commission. For example, when customers see something interesting on our Make It from Your Heart blog, they can click on the product link, and that link will take them directly to that product on the Close To My Heart website where they can purchase it right away.

When a customer is on the Close To My Heart website and proceeds to checkout, they will have three different options:
Sign In This is for current customers who already have a Close To My Heart account. After signing in, they will be redirected to their Consultant’s Online Business Address. Items in their cart will not be lost, and they can proceed with checkout.

Create Account First-time customers can choose to create a Close To My Heart account. After supplying their personal information, they will see the names and photos of the six Consultants who live closest to them. They will be affiliated with the Consultant they select moving forward. The Consultant will receive commission for the purchase, just like they would with an order placed on their OBA.

Check Out as Guest If a customer chooses to check out as a guest, they will be randomly assigned to one of the six Consultants who live closest to them. To ensure the guest’s privacy, the Consultant who is assigned the sale will not be given the customer’s name or contact information. However, they will be shown the sale amount.

In addition to these changes, we have made some additional improvements to the online shopping experience.

-Occasionally a customer who is affiliated with a Consultant chooses to order something from a different Consultant’s website. We have updated our system to ask them during checkout if they want to change their affiliation or if they simply want to place this one order under the new Consultant but remain affiliated with their regular Consultant.

-As part of the new shopping experience, each country will have a unique web address, which will take you directly to the Close To My Heart website for your country. This will allow you to see prices in your currency and simplify the ordering process. If customers don’t know the website address for their country, they can go to Close To My Heart’s website, where they will be automatically prompted to view the website for their country. Australian sites will now end in If you use my old web address, you will automatically be redirected to my new address.

These changes have been eagerly anticipated. Pop over to my shop today and experience the difference!

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