Sunday, September 11, 2016

Christmas Craft Bookings Open Now!

Christmas Craft Workshops have been announced and bookings are open! Bookings are essential!

Contact me ASAP to book your place as spaces are limited.
You MUST book and pay for your spots early!
As all kits are ordered in from overseas, late bookings are not accepted. Please read each event description carefully as your payment must be received by me before the stated time. Late bookings not accepted. I'll say it again, late bookings are not accepted!

Why not? That's now how I roll. For example: let's say you want to go on holiday to Bora Bora in 3 months time for Christmas. You don't just rock up to the airport with a fistful of cash wanting to go to Bora Bora and expect to have everything available. That'd be ludicrous! You have to book and pay for your ticket in advance, get your passport and visas in advance, get your top up immunization jabs done in advance, luggage bought and clothing packed in advance. Then, you rock up at the airport early on the day to check in, clear customs and immigration, and be at your gate ready to board your flight. You do the prep beforehand.

The same applies for ALL my events! You book and pay for your spot, plus any necessary toolkit items, in advance. I order all workshop items in, book the venue, coordinate the catering, print instructions, and prepare the kits. When the workshop day comes, you arrive at my studio and find your prepared kit waiting just for you.

Bottom line? I do not carry extra kit materials on hand "just in case". I order materials in specifically for each workshop, and only for those that have booked and paid before the deadline. I order from the US and we all know it can take WEEKS for parcels to arrive.

Anyone wanting to participate in my workshops will book and pay for their spots in advance.

Click through for each event.
To book your spot, contact me. Any questions? I'm here to help.

Shop with me today!

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