Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New Toolkit

With a new ideas book chockful of new tools now out, there's a change to what's required in the toolkit for my workshops. Everyone who attends my studio for any workshop must bring their own set of tools.

Why do I require you to bring your own toolkit? It's very difficult to get any significant crafting done when many crafters are all needing to use the same tool at the same time. When everyone has their own tools to use, you can craft at your own pace and enjoy yourself!

From this moment onward, the basic required toolkit for my workshops consists of these items.
Trimmer, replacement blades, Versamat, Stamping Starter Kit, Adhesive Runner, Glue Pen, Journaling Pen, Bone Folder, and Scissors.

Other items will be required depending on the workshop. You can see what's required in each event description. Check the details and see what you need to top up your tool kit, then list these items when you make your workshop booking. It's that simple!

I encourage you to build up your toolkit so you're ready to craft at any given moment. The range of products from CTMH are quality, sturdy, and reliable. I don't craft with any other brands! Pop over to my shop today and get your toolkit started before my next lot of workshops are announced!

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