Monday, March 26, 2018

Convention 2018 Recap

Day 1 - My trip to Convention 2018 started on Wednesday with being picked up at 6:30am. Caffeine was definitely required!
After checking in for our flight, first on the agenda was coffee!
I'm in Melbourne! Let the games begin...
Floor 19 (19!) of the hotel. What a view!
Tough gig, I know.
We walked down the lane for dinner, then down to Federation Square for dessert.
Found Flinders Street Station on our evening walk around the city.
Yup, this is normal.
Day 2 - We started with brekkie and waiting in the lobby for our 6th to join us. I picked up a 7th and we made our way via tram to the QVMarkets...
Tram? Check.
Queen Victoria Markets, huge place!
Trying to find the others in our group. Sent them this picture "we're under this sign"!
Found a pie shop in the food halls that took eftpos. Holy moly people, if you don't take eftpos you are missing out on customers!
CityCircle tram 35, the scenic tour to Docklands and back.
We got back to the hotel, dropped our bags, and checked in at registration.
I'm beribboned!
Artwork in the laneways on our way to AAMI Park
It's the first time my Origin jersey has matched the venue!
I booked tickets for the Cowboys v Storm game. Queensland v Queensland in Melbourne? Of course we'd go in our maroon!
Ladies Night Out with my team
Oooh, flamey!
Our boys got creamed...
A very brisk walk back to our hotel. I had to stop for a few and get this view of our hotel.
Day 3 - Not bright eyed and not bushy tailed... very much looking forward to sitting down all day!
I'm very proud of my layout for this year's competition!
Looking forward to sitting down soon. And for coffee.
My team. :)
Part of our General Session is the recognition for service. Those of us celebrating our 5th anniversary were given a yellow sash and invited to walk across the stage.
We made it!
With our fearless leader Susan. We're part of her 800-strong Bonded Hearts Team.
Yep, I wore this all weekend. You'll see it on me during my workshops this year!
Squeeeeeeee! All the new goodies!
Most of our Australasian Blog Hoppers. These are the ladies that monthly give out inspiration for our blog hops.
It's my Flemington look dahling.
One of our tablemates Donna
After our sessions ended for the day, we had a time to set up for the Creative Showcase. I displayed some cards and layouts I'd made.
After set up, I met everyone outside the lobby and my husband showed up. I had a hot date for dinner! 😁 We ate at Grill'd on Flinders Lane before heading our separate ways for the night.
ACDC Lane.
My first visitors at Creative Showcase!
After packing up my Showcase pieces, I headed up to get my jammies on, make a cuppa, and settle in for some shopping while listening to Robin Williams comedy on spotify.
Day 4 - Another early start. I popped on my new logo shirt and sash before starting the sessions.
I like this shirt. Very comfy!
Ready for the second full day to get started!
Twinning with home office!
Quick photo op during morning tea!
After the daily sessions, it was time to get ready for the gala dinner. My outfit is recycled from my cousin's wedding in December. Dress - City Chic, wrap - Myer, shoes - BigW, clutch - KikkiK, earrings - Wallace Bishop.
Our table for dinner
Exclusive stampset gift!
My mate Laura
My mate Vandra
My president Monica
Mates Lynda and Anne
Day 5 - Very much ready to go home and get to my own bed. Caught the skybuses to the airport, checked in, frantic run through security and boarded just in time.
Can I go sleepy now?
I got all of us in one shot!
Bit of clouds. Bit of sky. Pretty.
I went down with 3 bags, came home with 4. Loving our new Convention bag!
And there you have it. A quick snippet of our adventures at Convention 2018. The next one is in Brisbane 2019!
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