Thursday, November 28, 2019

Bump In - Craft Alive Logan 2019

Here we go, it's Craft Alive weekend! :D

Thursday is always Bump In Day. This sign greeted us as we drove in this morning.

The organizers have been really good about having some strapping young men available to help with offloading our vehicles and into these blue bins. They brought them right to our booth space, helped unload, and went back to the vehicles for our next loads. So very nice!

There's a map with exhibitors and booth numbers. We are number 47! Come in the entry way, turn right and we are straight down the center aisle and on the left by the Craft Chats space.

We have a Craft Chat every day at 11am. Jean is demonstrating our superb Craft with Heart Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Subscription kits! There's no cost to this chat, simply rock up a few minutes before 11am, find a seat, and learn all about Craft with Heart!

We started our set up at 10:30 and we were getting into our cars at 3:39. Booyah! I'd show you our finished booth but you'll have to come out to Craft Alive Logan and see for yourself!
Get your tickets online from Craft Alive and we'll see you tomorrow morning at 9am. Remember to bring your water bottle and keep cup, your reusable shopping bags, and wear your good sturdy shoes. Nothing kills the fun like aching feet!

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