Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sticky beak

Today was a success. It was so nice to meet you C! For those that missed it, here's my set up.
So much fantabulousness.
Stamps, inks, cards, cardstock oh my!
Yes, I made a desktop to match this blog. That's how I roll.
The CTMH Virtual Crop is coming up quick on August 23rd. Here's the list of supplies you'll need to complete the challenges with links to the categories on my website. I recommend ordering ASAP as it can take 2 up to 3 weeks for orders to arrive from the US.

From CTMH Down Under Virtual Crop:
"Order these three things to have on hand for our 23rd August Virtual Crop from your CTMH Consultant:

1. Paper Pack or WOTG (Workshop On The Go) Pack!
2. Container and Embellishments - check out Ribbon!
3. Colonial White or Black Frame or Display Tray (large or hinged)!

Order now so these items are shipped in time for our Virtual Crop!

Find your CTMH Consultant's website and check-out all our New Products!"

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