Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Digital Delight!

Just in case you needed another reason to love Close To My Heart, here's a good one.

CTMH are honoring any leftover CM digital vouchers. That's right, you can use your remaining CM digital vouchers to purchase StudioJ layouts. How great is this!? For those of us left in the dust by the rather swift and sudden closing down of CM Australasia, CTMH have really come through for us. They do not have to honor our vouchers but they have chosen to. Fabulous! They are clearly very concerned about taking care of us in the aftermath and I feel great that I can offer this service to my customers. :)
Just head to my website, click StudioJ and create beautiful layouts!
It's very easy to redeem your CM digital vouchers in Studio J. Just enter your voucher code in the validation code box. So simple! The snippet below is from our FAQs:

How many Studio J® layouts do I get per digital voucher?
The dollar face value of a digital voucher has been converted into an equivalent or rounded-up dollar value of the cost of Studio J® layouts. Where the face value of the digital voucher is not equal to the cost or the multiple of the cost of a Studio J® layout, we will round up the value of Studio J® credits available to you or your customer. For example if there is an unredeemed digital voucher of $6, the Studio J® credit made available by us will be $15 AU as this is the price of a single two-page Studio J® layout.

For more information about using your CM digital vouchers to redeem with StudioJ, just let me know. Comment below or email me!

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