Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Brisbane Fun Day

Oh my word, today was CHOCK FULL of information and fun. Plus I got to catch up with some of my Northside ladies!
One of our top ladies receiving recognition for her achievements.
Standing up to get our wiggles out.
We were told to make a name tag and bring it with us. Slacker that I am, I made this one up on the spot after we arrived. Turned out nicely.
Susan doing her thing and walking us through some business training topics. I love this woman!
We were misinformed by the venue (they don't open their restaurant on Mondays) and were hoofing it off site to buy lunch. 10pc nuggets at Maccas? If you insist. (I really wanted a happy meal. I am not to old to ask for one!) #childatheart
I put My Crush book and some cards up for show&tell which earned me a ticket. That ticket was pulled from a hat and I won two pieces of Tommy papers! Woohoo!!! I can't wait to do up some samples using them. Who wants to see sample pages and cards made using Tommy?
Just some of the items my sister consultants and I brought for show and tell.
The top left papers are the ones I picked as my prize. They are SO stunning!
 I had so much fun with the crew today. Bring on the next one! :D

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  1. This sounds like an absolutely brilliant day! Jealous much?! Wonderful. I wish I was closer to the rest of my team!


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