Sunday, September 1, 2013

September already?!

September is here and that means today is Father's Day! I'm breaking rank and posting personal pictures and stories here today. Back to the business stuff later. ;)
Glenn's gift: one of our My Creations® Kraft Containers covered in paisley papers from Laughing Lola.
Inside the cylinder is this ticket, good for dinner for two followed by a show. Glenn picked Arj Barker. :)
Happy Father's Day to my husband Glenn. When we met in December 2005, I had no idea the ups and downs that were to come our way.
I knew we both wanted kids, at least 3 or 4. August 2008 rolled around and we were expectant parents for the first time. Sadly our baby girl never lived outside the womb. I know this stings my husband to this day, that our Julia is dead. And we have no answers.
 October 2009 came around and we found out we were expectant parents for the second time. Sadly, again, our baby son didn't live very long outside the womb. Glenn had the unforgettable duty of calling 000 when our son Evan decided to be born backwards. Glenn had the unforgettable honor of changing Evan out of his blue hospital knit hat and into his camo hat (from my dad). Glenn had the unforgettable honor of holding and bonding with Evan, albeit for a very short time. Seeing him with our son in his arms, telling Evan all about the World Cup and who had to knock out who for Australia and Ghana to advance, priceless. Seeing him at Evan's bedside, holding his little hand or stroking his cheek, priceless. Seeing him utterly broken that Evan was dying and there was nothing he could do to fix the situation, heartbreaking. Glenn and I both had the sad and high honor of being our son's pall bearers, the last loving embrace we could give him.
Glenn, you are a wonderful father to our daughter and son. I cherish seeing you honor their memories. I wish and hope and dream that you'll again be a father soon with a healthy screaming baby complete with poopy filled nappy (that needs changing). A child that grows up to call you Daddy. A child that you teach to play guitar and corrupt with your love for all things LEGO and Tolkein related. A child that asks you about big sister Julia and big brother Evan and you sit them on your knee and tell their stories. A child that asks you for repeated bedtime stories, cups of water, bedtime songs. A child that tells you the stories and lessons from Sunday School. A child that asks you about Jesus. A child that makes you lumpy pancakes and tea that's too strong for breakfast. A child that brings you joy and happiness and love and dirt and bugs and skinned knees, all things that I know you wish for. I love you darling.
I know today's french toast with bacon and iced coffee isn't the best Father's Day breakfast you could have had, but I do my best. My gift to you is dinner for two and tickets to see Arj Barker next month. And hopefully good news of two pink lines soon. It happened twice before, it can happen again.

Clinging to hope with you,

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