Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Packaging, packaging, packaging.

All's quiet on the blogger front lately here but not for long!

I've been in cardmaking over drive lately in getting ready for a market stall on the 23rd. Mum picked up the first batch of cards today.
After she left I packaged up these little puppies. The winter and Christmas pile I made last night. 21 cards. I was up til 3 crafting away as it was too flippin hot to sleep.
November 23 is the market day.  
Logan Art  Gallery Markets * November 23rd 2013 * 10am-4pm 
Come out and support local handmade goods!

All my cards at this point are a mix of old stock (cm) and new stock (ctmh) and priced as marked. Once my old stock runs out, all my cards will be exclusively CTMH products. One of the great things about CTMH is that all their current products blend SO WELL with my stock on hand! :D :D :D *happycrafter*

Card prices range from $2.50-$5.00 depending on the materials and time involved. Most are $2.50-3.50 though, which I think is quite reasonable compared to mass produced cards in shops these days. They all come with an envelope too, even the 4"x4" cards. Kinda silly not to include an envelope... And now, feast your eyes on these beauties. :) Click to embiggen.
Some birthday and friendship cards made using mixed stocks. $3.00AUD
Friendship card made using mixed stocks. $3.00AUD
Here's 2 you wedding card made with mixed stocks. $2.50AUD
Wedding/bridal card using mixed stocks. $2.50AUD
Divine Love card using mixed stocks. $2.50AUD
Want any of the cards you see here? Contact me ASAP before they go into the market stall pile!

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