Friday, February 14, 2014

My Reflections

I've been playing with the ideas and recipes in the My Reflections how-to book since Monday's Consultant Fun Day. When I initially opened my consultant kit and thumbed through the book, I wasn't too keen on it. I like to freehand my pages!

Well, I am eating my words as I have now done four pages based on recipes in this book and I LOVE IT!

This is my most recent page creation using recipe 4e "Main Frame - Charmed" on page 56.
I've used the Sarita WOTG scrapbooking kit to make this. I haven't stuck it all down yet, nor added any embellishments or picked out a photo. That's to come. ;)

These recipes are such a fabulous foundation for creating pages quickly and perfect for when you don't feel very artistic.

Come along to one of my workshops and see just how easy and quick this book is to use!

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