Saturday, April 25, 2015

We remember

April 25, 2015

Today is ANZAC Day.

While I personally have no direct link to the ANZACs of WWI, I am the direct descendant of American soldiers.

I would not be here today if my grandfather wasn't pushed out of a plane in WWII. I would not be here today if he didn't survive being a prisoner of war. I would not be here if he didn't come home from war. I have seen this comrade of my grandfather's grave in Europe. I have silently paid my respects and thanked him for saving my grampa's life.

While I've no direct links with ANZACs of WWI, I'm a new Australian citizen, about to celebrate my 1st citizenship anniversary in June.

This is my new country. The land where I have settled and established a home with my husband. The land where our two children were birthed and buried. The land where I've shed blood sweat and many many tears. This is home.

Australia is now my home. So, here I sit at home. I watch the Gallipoli Dawn Service and the Villers-Bretonneux Dawn Service live on tv. I wear my RSL pins. I pay my respects silently to my fellow countrymen who died long before I was even a twinkle. I watch in silence and remember, and honor, all those that chose to serve, and all those left behind who pray for their safe return.

That's enough of a link for me to remember and honor the ANZAC legends. #WeRemember #ANZACDay


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