Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deal of the Day

April is half over and deal of the day is all over the web. #ctmhgrabbags
Just what is deal of the day? It's a lucky dip a mix of current and retired items, of varying values (some worth double the price paid). The price changes daily at 7am AEST. There has been some confusion about how you find out the price of the grab bags.

It's very easy to find out the price of each day's grab bag. You can check my facebook or twitter, or pop over to my website. Simply go to my website, click shop, and add any full priced item to your cart.
I've added a Jackson paper packet in this example.

You'll see a "you've qualified for deal of the day" link. Click that link and you'll be taken to your shopping cart. At the bottom you'll see the deal of the day. Enticed by the allure and the price? Click add to cart, and go about the rest of your order as normal.
Simples! Happy shopping! When you get your grab bag, post a picture and tag it with #ctmhgrabbags!


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