Saturday, July 18, 2015

Card Buffet 101

Wow, that was so much fun!

A big thank you to Kim, and Michelle and her bubby for coming today. I loved showing you how to make these cards!

So, if you've been following me for any length of time, you'll have seen me post and talk about my upcoming Card Buffets. You're probably wondering what exactly a card buffet is! A card buffet is a cardmaking party where you choose the cards you want to make.

These are the 8 different designs I had on the buffet today. All rather simple to make and visually stunning. Even my friend Michelle, my "I'm not really crafty" friend, made 5 cards today! All the cards in the buffet are perfect for beginners to well seasoned crafters.

When you arrive in my studio, you're greeted by me and a hot cuppa. At your place is a stamp mat, a little welcome pack, a copy of my current studio workshop schedule, a tray, and a choccie. (There's always choccies here in my studio. ALWAYS.) It's a crime to craft without chocolate in my book!

Once you're seated and have had a chance to view the buffet, you take your tray and fill it with your choice from the various precut kits. Choose up to 5 cards, and settle in for 2 hours of creative fun. That's right, everything you need to create some beautiful handmade cards is PRECUT!

As you can see here, I've made this cute little shooting star congratulations card. In the bag I've got everything needed to recreate it. By everything, I mean everything!

So what's in the bag? A card, an envelope, and all the 6 pieces of paper and cardstock, precut for your convenience. All that's left is for you to ink up some stamps, stamp the shooting star and congratulations, and assemble! So easy and fun right?

The best part of the buffet, aside from making gorgeous cards, is me! You get to pick my brain, learn new techniques, and get hands on assistance with every step of the cardmaking process.
I'm here for you! Once you've picked your cards from the buffet, it's as easy as opening the bag, stamping a few pieces, and sticking the pieces on the card front. After that, stamp the back of the card with "original artwork by" and sign your work. It really is simple to make a beautiful card with my Card Buffet. If you've never made a card before, and you've always wanted to try, come to my next Buffet!

To make it even easier, I've sorted all the stamps and inks I've used into one spot. For newbies, I even mount the stamps onto the blocks for you. You don't have to copy the card sample exactly as shown. Love the look but a different shade of blue suits your fancy? Simply ask which shades of blue I have. Like a certain card but the stamped image isn't your taste? Ask which other stamps I have that would fit that design! The card designs are so flexible that you can completely change up the elements and have a unique result.

Michelle and Kim both tucked straight in to their chosen designs while baby Charlie entertained us all with his gurgles and babbles from his playmat. About an hour in to our crafty fun, I brought out some yummy nibblies. Today's menu was rice crackers, sliced tasty cheese, sliced chicken and french onion dip. We took a few minutes to nibble and enjoy a cuppa before diving back in to the fun.

These are the three cards Kim made. I didn't get a quick snap of Michelle's 5 cards. (Oops!) I'm happy to say that the lemony card here is now sold out! In each basket at the start of each buffet is a limited number of cards (two to six), and once the design is gone, it's gone. I replenish the buffet with a new design once something disappears.

The carnage left behind after we got all crafty and inky. A good time was had by all! I cannot wait until my next buffet on August 21st.

So how much does all this fun cost? $15. That includes:
  • your place at my studio table, 
  • all the hands on help and assistance you need, 
  • up to 5 unique bespoke cards,
  • and nibblies. 
All this for $15, and you leave with at least 1 card and up to 5! 5 handmade cards for $15, plus nibblies and assistance? At an average of $3/card, that's incredible value. When you think about what you'd pay for 5 mass produced cards out in the shops, the most basic cards are easily $4-5 or more right? For $15, come on over for a fun crafternoon with new friends and leave with a pile of cards that you can say with pride "I made this"!

My next Card Buffet is on August 21st. I cannot wait to share a new mix of cards with you!
Spaces are limited to 5 per buffet. First in best dressed! Contact me today to book your spot for a fun afternoon getting crafty! Of course, I love meeting new people and sharing the fun with them too. Bring along your sister, your mum, your auntie, your best friend, your neighbor, anyone that would love to try an afternoon of crafting.

Can't wait til August 21st to buffet? Contact me for your very own private session, the cost is the same! Today's buffet was a private session.
My calendar is filling up quickly so be sure to secure your date ASAP.

Thanks for reading, it's been so much fun setting up and running this Buffet today. I can't wait to get ready for my next one!

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