Sunday, November 15, 2015

12 Deals of Christmas - Last Day

Today is the last day and there's a special Bonus Deal now up for grabs!

Remember, each deal is ONLY available on the day it is posted (aka no going back and claiming deal #1 on day #2)!

Head on over to facebook to claim this deal!

Tonight at 6pm all orders will be totaled up and you'll receive an invoice for payment.
PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL! PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE DEADLINE. If I haven't received your payment by the deadline, your order will NOT be processed. You can also deposit the order total in cash at my bank. Simply use the same details as you see on your invoice and let me know you've gone this route.

Terms & Conditions:
1) Event runs November 3-15, with one new deal offered each day.
2) Each deal is only available the day it is posted.
3) Bundles ordered will be combined at the end of the event.
4) Current studio s&h fees apply (see My Studio for details).
5) To purchase a deal, comment on the appropriate photo with "yes please" and your email address. No email, no deal.
6) On November 15, I'll collate all the deal orders and send an invoice for payment.
7) Payment is via direct deposit only and MUST be received by 7pm November 17.
8) All orders to be collected from my studio -pending on AusPost's delivery- on December 1st.
9) For those outside of SEQld, message me and we can work out a way to get your freebies to you!

Any questions? Contact me! Happy bargain hunting!
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