Tuesday, July 10, 2018


With the start of a new ideas book just around the corner, it is a great time to round up your tools, note what needs replacing or refills, and stock up your stash. Everyone who attends my studio for any workshop must bring their own set of tools.

Why do I require you to bring your own toolkit? It's very difficult to get any significant crafting done when many crafters are all needing to use the same tool at the same time. When everyone has their own tools to use, you can craft at your own pace and enjoy yourself!
A decent stash of basic tools for any crafter.
Add some versatile adhesives for more crafting options.
For crafters who want it all.
I've bundled together the absolute basics that are essential to getting the most out of your time in studio with me. It is much easier (and enjoyable) to complete your projects when you are equipped with the right tools. All tool kits are shipped directly to you for your convenience. They arrive at your door in one box, ready to craft. These kits aren't quite what you need? Contact me to create a kit that suits you!

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