Monday, September 9, 2019

Top 10 Favorites - #4

The new Core and Supplemental Catalogs are here and I have some new favorite items for my crafting stash.

#4 - Liquid Glass Fine Tip Applicator.

What is it?
A fine tip metal applicator for Liquid Glass bottles.

How much is it?
$9 + shipping

What's different about it?
The fine tip applicator is purpose built to fit our Liquid Glass bottle. No need to decant into another bottle. Pop off the clear nozzle, screw this on, and off you go! Once you've used the Liquid Glass, gently tap the bottom of the bottle against your table, put the fine needle cap back on immediately and twist closed. The tip is very fine and it doesn't take long to clog if exposed to the air. If the tip is clogged, remove it from bottle, run under warm water to clean it, and screw back onto bottle. Simples.

My favorite part about it?
The bright pink is easy to see amongst a craft stash. The fine tip needle in the cap prevents clogging. The precision of the tip is incredible. I actually met one of the applicator manufacturer's reps earlier this year by happenstance and got the lowdown on this applicator tip.

How long is this available to order?
This applicator is available to order until August 31, 2020. Try it and tell me how you like it!

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Come back tomorrow for #3!

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