Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Top 10 Favorites - #9

The new Core and Supplemental Catalogs are here and I have some new favorite items for my crafting stash.

#9 - Julep 12" x 12" Everyday Life™ Album.

What is it?
A soft, stitched, 12"x12" faux leather album with 1" O-rings for quick and easy album making. A finished album size of 15" × 13¼" × 1½" means this will nicely fit on the same shelf as our Post-bound and D-ring albums, and with other sizes of Everyday Life albums!

Four sizes for any project size you can imagine!

How much is it?
$44 + shipping

What's different about this Everyday Life™album to the other 12"x12" Albums available?
This album is faux leather with O-rings. It is the same ring style as our 6"x8" Everyday Life™ albums we've had for a few years now.

My favorite part about it?
This size is perfect for albums when you don't have enough pages to fill a Post-bound or D-ring album. The O-rings are also easy to open and close which makes adding pages a breeze.

What else is needed to use this album?
Completed 12x12 scrapbook pages, Top Load or Side Load Memory Protectors™. That's it! I suggest the Reasons to Smile kit for a great starter option with this album. Try this bundle I've created for great savings! If you have a Craft with Heart™ Scrapbooking Subscription, this is perfect for holding your finished layouts until you decide where to put them.

How long is this album available to order?
Unless sold out earlier, this album is available to order until August 31, 2020.

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