Saturday, October 3, 2020

Pick Your Rewards

In case you missed it... There's two different rewards programs that my customers can choose to participate in. One is offered by CTMH, one is offered by me.

Want to know the differences and which will suit you best? Read on!

It comes down to a few things.
Do you want to pay a fee to join with a yearly renewal fee?
Do you want to be rewarded for online only purchases?
Do you want to be rewarded for every purchase and every session booking you make?

Let's start with Preferred Rewards.

Preferred Rewards is run and offered solely by Creating with Kara Davies.
Program started: July 2019.
Type of rewards program: punch card based, punches are earned for workshop sessions/retreat bookings AND for purchases made in person AND purchases made online via my website.
Sign Up Fee: no sign up fees, ever.
Sign Up Bonus: 1 additional punch.
Bookings: One punch issued for each scrapbooking session booked. After 5 scrapbook punches, the 6th session is free (up to $20). If your chosen session is over $20, you pay the difference. One punch issued for each cardmaking session booked or Card Kit Club subscription purchased. After 5 cardmaking punches, your 6th Card Buffet or Card Kit Club subscription is free.
Purchasing: Purchase $30 from me, get a punch. After you've spent $150, get a free gift. Purchases made on my website, as part of a group order, and from my studio (in person/cash & carry) all count toward punches.
Do rewards expire: Yes, if you choose to sign up as VIP Customer* or if you choose to cancel your Preferred Rewards membership.
Earning example: Sign up and make a purchase of $45 from my studio. You'll get 1 punch for signing up and 1 punch for your purchase for a total of 2 punches. Sign up and make a session booking. You'll get 1 punch for signing up and 1 punch for your session booking for a total of 2 punches.
Extra rewards: one extra punch for session booking or Card Kit Club subscription or purchase made in your birthday month, advance notice of new workshop schedules and bookings, Card Kit Club subscription discounts, bonus gift at Craft Retreat, and more as offered by Creating with Kara Davies.
Yearly renewal fee: no renewal fees, ever. Full details available here.

*Note: Any Preferred Rewards member that chooses to sign up for VIP Customer does so with the full understanding that their Preferred Rewards membership AND any gifts/free sessions earnt will be made null and void.

Then we have VIP Customer.

VIP Customer is run and offered solely by Close To My Heart.
Program started: October 1, 2020.
Type of rewards program: set percentage of purchase price back as Credits, use Credits on next order or save for later.
Sign Up Fee: $55.
Sign Up Bonus: $40 VIP Credits (Oct-Dec 2020 only), $25 VIP Credits from Jan 2021 onward.
Bookings: Not applicable.
Purchasing: Purchases made via my website earn 15% of the retail price paid (exclusive of GST, Credits used, and shipping) as VIP Credits.
Offline purchases = not applicable.
Do Credits expire: Yes, upon cancelation or non-renewal.
Earning example: Sign up as VIP, earn immediate $40 VIP Credits. Place VIP order on my website of $100, use $40 VIP Credits to bring down total to $50.90, earn 15% of thas VIP Credits ($7.63).
Extra rewards: one free Stamp of the Month with qualifying order, exclusive VIP products and events, and more as offered by CTMH.
Yearly renewal fee: $55. Details available here, full FAQs sheet available upon request.

Note: Any VIP Customer that wishes to cancel their VIP status may do so at any time. Any former VIP Customer may become a Preferred Rewards member and start earning free gifts and events with a fresh punch card.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide which rewards program suits you best. Please read all the fine print for Preferred Rewards and VIP Customer carefully before signing up.

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