Friday, October 11, 2013

Reveal #2

Meet Mr. Merry & Bright.
This is the second card design I'm teaching at my Christmas Cardmaking Workshops. :) This is very simple to make and assemble. I'll show you how from start to finish! Please excuse the photo quality. I'm working with a loaner phone while my HTC is in the shop getting fixed. (Note: do not buy the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. Just don't. Not worth your money at all!) That said, I'm working really hard to find a decent camera to retake this. My old Canon has just about bit the dust and hubby's isn't much better. My apologies!

My first workshop is coming up and the paid booking date has passed. If you still wish to come you can, you just won't get your stamps and block to take home with you on the day. It takes me at least 2 weeks to get supplies here from the US warehouse, hence the cutoff dates.

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