Thursday, September 12, 2019

Top 10 Favorites - #1

The new Core and Supplemental Catalogs are here and I have some new favorite items for my crafting stash.

#1 - Custom Cardstock 24pk.

What is it?
A custom mix of 24 sheets of Exclusive Cardstocks.

How much is it?
$34 + shipping

What's included in the price?
Your choice of different colors of cardstock! Choose up to 12 different colors in your favorite combination! Add the Custom 24pk to your cart and you'll be taken to the color selection page.

Add your chosen colors and click done. Check your cart to verify your selection and continue shopping! Need to edit your choices? Click the little blue pen icon and edit.

What's different about this to previous cardstock packs?
We used to have set combinations according to color families. When our color families were taken away so were these packs. Now we can choose our own mix perfect for any project!

My favorite part about it?
I am not forced to buy a solid 24pk of any color when I only need a few sheets. I can create a mixed pack of colors I'll actually use. This is a game changer! If you are creating wedding invitations and only need 2 or 3 colors, create a custom pack! Have a couple colors you want to try? Make up a custom sample pack and then buy full packs when you know which colors you like best. Don't need 24 sheets? Get a Custom 12pk instead!

How long is this available to order?
This is available to order until August 31, 2020. Try it today!

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