Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Top 10 Favorites - #2

The new Core and Supplemental Catalogs are here and I have some new favorite items for my crafting stash.

#2 - SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer.

What is it?
A wide base, lightweight trimmer with wire cut-line indicator and swing-out arm for cuts up to 15".

How much is it?
$66 + shipping. As of September 3, this item was $66 and it was the only item to carry over from Seasonal Expressions 2 without a price hike. As of September 4, new tarrifs have necessitated the price increase.

What's different about this trimmer?
It has a white deck with black markings. These are extremely easy to read. The arm swings out to 15" for cutting down larger pieces of paper. The wire line shows *exactly* where your paper will be cut, an essential feature when precision counts.

My favorite part about it?
This thing simply doesn't die. I've used it ever since I joined CTMH in 2013! Of all the trimmers I've used, this is the best.

What else is needed to complete the project?
A couple sets of replacement trimmer blades. I prefer the Titanium Replacement Blades.

How long is this available to order?
Unless sold out earlier, this is kit is available to order until October 31, 2019. As this kit is in our September/October catalog, if it sells out prior to October 31, the chances of it being reordered and shipped out is extremely tiny. Don't take the risk, if you love this kit order it today.

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